The Farmers

Eden Valley Farms
Eden Valley Farms was born in 2019 to address the growing need for safe, healthy, locally-grown food options for consumers. Produce supply chains have become too spread out, and rural communities in the Midwest are paying the price. Our founders, fourth generation farmers with a passion for agriculture, saw an opportunity to bring healthier food closer to home through the use of innovative and sustainable production methods.
Living Water Farms
Living Water Farms, owned and operated by the Kilgus/Schneider families, is a small sustainable family farm located in the heart of Illinois farmland focused on growing the highest quality specialty greens and micro greens year round for top chefs, select distributors, and local retail throughout the Midwest.
Marcoot Jersey Creamery
Amy & Beth Marcoot’s Swiss ancestors stepped onto American soil in 1840, bringing a Jersey cow with them. From that time forward, the Marcoots have been raising and milking their Jersey herd as a family. Fast forward to 2007 when John & Linda Marcoot approached their daughters about the succession of the farm. It didn’t take Amy & Beth long to realize that they wanted to continue the family legacy, even if it meant leaving their college education & careers behind. Construction of an on-site creamery & man-made cheese aging cave began soon after. In March 2010, the sisters made their first wheel of Marcoot Jersey Creamery cheese! And as they say, the rest is history. John still tends the herd while the rest of the family each does their part to keep the legacy alive… one cheese wheel at a time.
Ropp Jersey Cheese
Ray Ropp joined the family dairy in 1967, after returning home from the Army. That same year, they built a 96 stanchion barn with a parlor that could accommodate milking 12 cows at one time. In 2000, Ray's son, Ken, joined his father, representing the 7th generation farmer. Since opening, Ropp Jersey Cheese has been committed to maintaining the integrity of the local landscape. Their operations continue to seek ways to make the most of their resources with the greatest respect, minimal waste, and the highest quality product.
Stuckmeyer Farms
Playing in the dirt has always been a part of Gary Stuckmeyer’s life. From gardening alongside his parents, Walter & Hermetta, to starting his own farm with his newly-wed bride, Dianne. For more than 30 years, he & his family have been serving all of southern IL with farm-fresh vegetables. Today, the family tradition is being carried on by their children, Katie & Matt, as the sixth generation of Stuckmeyer’s to raise vegetables for a living.
Windcrest Dairy
Third generation dairy farmer Kurt Bizenberger has been milking cows for over 40 years. In 2009, he found that continuing to sell his milk to co-ops wasn’t going to be sustainable long term. Instead of selling out, he rolled up his sleeves and began looking for ingenuitive ways to keep his family farm going. The answer came in the form of yogurt! Today, Kurt is busy turning wholesome Holstein cow milk into his signature Greek and Traditional style yogurts for his family… and yours!
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